Thursday, May 5, 2011

WTF: Breastfeeding Doll?!

So, I'm sitting here watching my American Idol recording from earlier tonight and just as I go to hit fast forward to skip the commercials, one commercial grabs my attention. It was a preview of a story that was on the 10:00pm news. Apparently, there's a breastfeeding doll. The first thought that entered my mind was WTF! The next was, I have to google this.

This Breast Milk Baby by Berjuan Toys comes with a halter top that has flowers where the nipples would be. These flowers have sensors whereas when the doll is brought close to the flowers; makes movements and sounds like a real life breastfed babies. Below is a video I found on YouTube of how this doll works.

Now, I may be a mother of two boys and shouldn't care. However, I would like a girl someday. Aside from that, I just don't think this is an appropriate age-appropriate toy for our young girls of today. It is these types of toys that are forcing our children of today to grow up too quickly. What happened to letting our kids enjoy being kids? There is no need to push them to grow up quicker than they already are. The girl in the demonstration video appears to be around 8 years old. There is no reason why an 8 year old needs to know how to breastfeed or anything about being a mother. She needs to enjoy playing with age-appropriate dolls, riding her bike, swinging on swings, and thinking boys have cooties.

I don't understand why these toy manufacturers think it's okay to make these kinds of toys and gear them towards such young girls. I will teach my children about becoming parents. Once they are pregnant (many, many years from now - provided I have a girl), I will teach them what I know about breast feeding. Their doctors will do the same. A doll at such a young age is not necessary.

When I was in child development in high school, I remember the doll I had to take home. I liked that doll because it showed how difficult it was to have a baby and helped me realize how important it was to wait. Something like that, I can understand. However, promoting our children to grow up and learn the ins and outs of parenthood at such a young age is not.

This is just my opinion. I just don't believe that these toys that promote sex and becoming parents are appropriate. Let kids be kids. Give them toys to play with. Toys. Age-appropriate, good, fun toys.


California Monkey Momma said...

OMG are you kidding me?! That's messed up!!! I'm cool with little girls imitating adults and playing with baby dolls, but if I saw a toddler or small child pretending to breast feed a baby, I'd freak out!

And I, too, remember the baby dolls in high school that did everything a baby does, but I don't remember a "breast feeding" function! WTF!

♥Nikki Layne♥ said...

Yeah, so would I. Yeah, there was no breastfeeding function. Watch, now they'll incorporate one inspired by this dumb doll.

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