Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Feeding A Picky, Stubborn Toddler

I am at a loss as far as feeding Sweet Pea goes and I have been for a while now. First, he is an extremely picky eater. He won't eat ketchup or barbecue sauce. He won't eat many meats. What kid won't eat hot dogs? Mine! The only meats he will eat are chicken nuggets and corndogs. Yes, you read correctly. He won't eat hot dogs, but he loves corn dogs. He will drink until the cows come home, though. He will drink an entire sippy of juice in five minutes flat if you let him. He would much rather eat snacks than actual meals. He refuses to feed himself using his utensils, but if I try to feed him he will throw a fit. So, it's finger food or nothing. I don't know what to do. I want him to be healthy, but if I can't get him to eat then I am failing. I give him pediasure just to be sure he's getting the nutrients he needs, but I'd rather if I could just get him to eat. Have you ever dealt with anything like this? Any advice?

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-Nikki Layne