Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 4: Worried

Today it didn't matter how much I worked, my mind was focused on what he's dealing with. I know it's his actions that put him where he is. Him and I are both well aware of that fact. So, we don't need to be reminded. The fact is he has done so much changing. Unfortunately, everyone is used to seeing people like him who never change. He started putting in this effort before him and I even started talking again I believe he truly does want to change.

Anyway...worried. I know he's in jail and not prison, but the same or similar fears still cross my mind. He's small. I don't want him getting into fights. I'm sure he's being quiet and staying to himself. I just hope nothing happens to him. I don't want him getting hurt. What if him being quiet is what provokes someone else? He told me that when the guys from prison have court dates that they are held in the county jail. Those are the real bad guys. What if they get bored, or whatever goes through their mind, and they go after him? I'm not sure how jail guards are, but I know from dealing with my cousins that prison guards are worthless. What if jail guards are the same?

All I can do is pray. When he was in there before he said everyone liked him because he gave them his food. Hopefully they still like him. However, I do hope he's eating. I think next time I go to the store, I'm going to get stuff to freeze meals for him for when he gets out to give to his grandma for him. His grandma doesn't cook very often, but I know he will want a home cooked meal once he is out.

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