Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What Grinds My Gears: Employers Who Lie

What grinds my gears are employers who lie. I recently bid on a contract on oDesk. It was for writing articles. The employers budget was $70. So, I bid $63. That would have given me $60 after oDesk fees. I got the contract and then the employer switched tunes. He no longer needed 20 articles, he needed 5. He was no longer going to pay me $63, he was going to pay me $5. They were no longer supposed to be 300 words each, but 500-600. So, he wanted me to write 5 500-600 word articles for $1 each. I was not happy. However, I had already entered the contract.

I do not appreciate being lied to. I find it to be very unprofessional when an employer can't be honest about what they're looking for in the first place. They promise more and then once you're in the contract, they give you significantly less. I have only dealt with this issue three times in my time on oDesk. All three times the employers were from the Philippines. So, from now on I don't think I will be accepting any contracts from employers in the Philippines.

I just want honesty from the start. I want to know exactly what will be expected of me and what I will be paid prior to entering a contract. I don't think I'm asking too much. I just want a proper employer-contractor relationship.

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