Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Caprica is new age science fiction with a twist

Caprica is new age science fiction with a twist

Guest post of the week by Ferdinand Livingston

Caprica is a show that is on the SyFy channel. I watch it on satellite tv from The show started out with a good concept, but I think that most of the viewers started to lose interest when they did the break in the middle of the first season. It was a pain waiting for the show to start again, but I like the show so I watched it when it came back on from its mid season break. The show is based in the past, before the earth was populated. The people on the show believe in more than one God and people who only believe in one God are considered rebels. The storyline revolves around a girl named Zoe Greystone, who was blamed for a terrorist act. Th! ere is a virtual world on the show that lots of people go hang out in. Zoe created an avatar and her avatar survived and started to take her place after Zoe was involved in the terrorist attack. Zoe's dad found a way to put Zoe in a robot, so her character was still there, but she was a robot and people did not know that she was in the robot. The show has a really cool concept, but syfy is choosing to cancel the show. I wish they would make a season two, because the show does have lots of fans.

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