Sunday, May 29, 2011

What A Piece Of Work!!

So, there's this "thing" I came from. Most would refer to theirs as their mother. However, I don't have one those; not a biological one to speak of anyway. She is a waste of space. I put so much time and energy into trying to believe this woman as well as defending her and trying to have a relationship with her. What a fool I was! Never again! Never, ever again will she have a part in my life.

First, there were all the lies I found out about. Of course she had more lies and excuses to tell in a sad attempt to try and back up her original lies. In the words of someone wonderful, "liar, liar...wish her pants were on fire." That quote will forever make me laugh in my times of anger with this entire situation.

As if all her lies weren't enough, she took it to the extreme when she hacked into several of my accounts and made it (almost) impossible for me to regain access to my accounts again. Luckily, Yahoo and Gmail realized that there was malicious activity from an IP address that had never accessed my accounts before and handled it accordingly. When I got back into my Yahoo account, she did what I had assumed she was trying to do; deleted all of her emails. Unfortunately for her, she isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. She forgot to empty the trash. Idiot! Needless to say, I now have all of those emails backed up as well as the emails saying she changed my information. Aside from that, she took it a step further and created a fake email address on my behalf.

WARNING: If anyone receives an email from the email address, it is not me!

This woman just can't accept the fact that I do not want her in my life or my children's lives. She can't accept the fact that all of her children whom she abandoned have now disowned her. She is nothing more to me now than a baby pez dispenser. She can make babies, but she sure as hell can't be a mother. She is the female version of a sperm donor.

I have tried to not hate her. I have tried to keep my cool about it all, but I just can't anymore. This woman is garbage, a waste of space. I forgive her for everything she has done because I know she is a lost individual in dire need of some serious help. I feel sorry for her and everyone who comes in contact with her. As you can see, it can take years to finally realize what it is you are dealing with.

I sent her an email letting her know that I knew what she had done. I warned her what I would be forced to do if she did not stop accessing my accounts and didn't remove the email address she created on my behalf. The ball is in her court. If she's smart (or has at least 1/2 a braincell left), she'll do as I asked. Otherwise, authorities will be notified. Also, since she is trying to run from over $4000 in child support; if she doesn't want the state of New York to know her physical address as well as the IRS to re-possess the money she unlawfully received by claiming children she does not have, she will do as I asked.

Simply put, be smart for once in your life. I know it's like asking an infant to move a boulder, but it's worth a shot.

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-Nikki Layne