Monday, May 30, 2011

Days 16-19: Crying...

It's been a rough past few days. Well, it's actually been bittersweet. The bad thing that needed to happen just continued. You'd be proud of me. However, it seems for every bad thing that happens; there's a good thing to match. Right now it's 2:2.

Your grandma read me your letter last night and I couldn't do anything except cry. I can see this is going to be a long road. I was hoping it was all almost over, but now I'm beginning to see that it's only just begun. It really sucks that nobody wants to see how far you've come or the changes you've made. Your grandma and I have talks about it probably twice a week. It's not fair. I'm really upset that you got such a crappy probation officer, and a woman at that. I don't think you should have gotten a woman. Any woman will be offended by the originating offense. They're not even going to try and see the changes you've made or what you're trying to do to make things better. I wish your probation officer would contact me because then she'd truly see where I'm at on things. Of course my phone number has changed now. I'm going to make an attempt to find out who your probation officer is and see if she'll listen to me. I have a copy of the order of protection I can give to her to prove we can go to counseling together. What she doesn't understand is that we only have so many paid for and if we use them all on individual, we have no shot on getting that restraining order lifted. Getting rid of that is dependent on the counselors at Chrysalis. I'm really, really frustrated about that. I bawled my eyes out to your grandma over the phone about it last night. I don't think I've ever cried to your grandma before, but I just couldn't help it.

Today, the kids and I went and hung out over at your grandma's. I think she misses having people there. She's lonely I think. We bonded. We went through a bunch of photo albums. I had to contain myself. I just wanted to cry out of missing you so much. She gave me one 8x10 from when you were probably around 15 for me to keep. Maybe you were 16. Who knows. You haven't changed much over the years. I could pick out every baby picture that was you. She had them all mixed with you and all of your cousins as well as your brothers. Well, I just went out to get a glass of apple cider only to find the picture on the table (I don't have a picture frame for it yet) and I started crying.

I miss you so much. I was really looking forward to getting to see you the day after you got out in counseling. I've cooked a lot of dinners and put the leftovers into freezer bags for you. I also bought you creamsicle oreos, two big bags of the pretzel m&m's, axe body spray, axe deodorant, and some other stuff. I really hope you don't give up on us. Now that we know it's gonna be even longer before we can even see each other, I'm getting nervous about you giving up. I am praying so hard right now. I pray that God is on our side. I miss you. I miss our family. Please hold on a little longer. I'm doing everything I can right now. Tuesday I'll be making a lot of phone calls and talking to whoever I need to. Just know that the boys and I love you very much. We pray for you and our family to become whole again every night. You are our hero. You are a good man who is trying to make right. You made a big mistake, but you acknowledged it and have come so far since then. Not many other people can say the same. You truly are an amazement to society; not a threat. I just hope that I can show that to your probation officer. Just know that no matter what, I love you. Always and forever.

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