Saturday, May 21, 2011

For The Love Of Nani

Many of my readers may recall a post I made about a girl who was dishonestly ridiculed by a billboard that was said to be a pro-life billboard. However, it was a personal attack against her by her ex-boyfriend who accuses her of having an abortion even though he has clearly stated in the past that he does not know what happened to the pregnancy. Nani unfortunately miscarried. Well, this billboard has created quite a stir in the Alamogordo, New Mexico community. As if Nani didn't need support when she suffered the loss of her baby, she now needs support more than ever with this personal attack against her.

In supporting Nani, a website has been made. This website is called For the Love of Nani. I am unsure who is behind the website, but it is someone who supports and loves Nani. That much is apparent. The website is looking for support and love for Nani in the form of artwork, poetry, among other forms. If it's original and supportive, it is welcome. There is also a section for messages you can leave to show Nani support. The website even has a forum.

I think this website is great. You don't have to know Nani. You can support the message. Maybe you suffered a miscarriage. Maybe you have been ridiculed. If you can identify with Nani or just want to show her some support, please check out For the Love of Nani.


MammaGeek said...

How sad, I can't imagine what she must be going through. Thanks for sharing this, I will definitely write a message showing my support.

♥Nikki Layne♥ said...

Yeah, things have been tough for her. However, she appears to be staying strong. As I've stated, I don't know her personally. I have just gotten to know her via the internet from learning about the situation. Thank you for showing her your support. I know it will help her.

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