Saturday, May 21, 2011

We All Bleed Red

So, tonight I was listening to music on my TV as I worked. Well, this one song came on that I had never heard before called Bleed Red by Ronnie Dunn. The song really hit home for me. The main message was that we're all the same in the sense that we all bleed red.

This song really hit home for me as I listened to every word.

"Let's say we're sorry before it's too late
Give forgiveness a chance
Turn anger into water
Let it slip through our hands."

Listening to that first verse just brought out a lot of emotions for me. I want to apologize to the family that raised me for all the hell I put them through. I'd like to ask for their forgiveness. However, I'd like for them to apologize to so I can forgive them. It's a hard thing for anyone to understand, but gaining their forgiveness and having them admit what they did wrong and apologizing to me for it would mean so much to me. I hold a lot of anger inside for things that happened over the years and for them completely turning their backs on me. I think that this would help get rid of that anger. Of course, I know it would never happen. Thinking about it is just wishful thinking I guess. I just miss having a family. I have two sons who won't really have much of an extended family because my family turned their back on me and have never given me another opportunity and probably never will. They took my father and his wife at their word and never stopped to think about the fact that there are three sides to every story; their side, my side, and the truth. I may never fully forgive my father, but I could at least try. I wish he would see what he has done to me. I wish a lot of things that will never happen.

"We all bleed red, we all taste rain
We all fall down, lose our way
We all say words we regret
We all cry tears, we all bleed red."

I lost my way a lot during my life. I don't think I'm the only one, and I also think that anyone else who lived the life I did would have done the same. Yes, I was spoiled by my grandparents growing up. Dig deeper than that. I was lied to and disowned. How would any child feel? I rebelled, I acted out. I fell down and lost my way. I was judged for it and disowned and ridiculed. I remember many words from my father that still ring in the back of my mind. Does he regret saying any of those words? Was he influenced or is this who he really is?

"Sometimes we're strong, sometimes we're weak
Sometimes we're hurt, and it cuts deep
We live this life breath to breath
We're all the same, we all bleed red."

There are days I feel strong and other days I feel weak. There are days I don't let anything get to me and then there's other days I just have to find the time to cry out how I'm feeling. I was hurt a lot by my own flesh and blood over and over again as I grew up. It wasn't just my father, though. It hurts when I think about it. I could never treat my children the same way I was treated. I vowed to myself I would never be like that.

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