Sunday, May 15, 2011

Really Crackin' Down

As many of you know, I work from home as an online contractor. I work when I want for however long I want. The only issue with this is sometimes I just don't feel like working and I have nobody to give me that extra push. A couple nights ago I finally gave myself the push I needed. I have since fully completed two contracts and I'm now working on two others I have going currently. One is a bit more fun that the other. I have to literally threaten myself to get myself to work on the other one. The topics I have been getting lately are just sooo boring! However, I do need the money.

Another problem I find myself running into is time. If I could work eight hours straight, I could make a lot. However, having a newborn and a toddler doesn't really lend itself to that. Sweet Pea is always getting into something and Lil' Bean always wants to be held. I get most of my work done during naps and bedtime. However, lately I've been having trouble focusing because Sweet Pea seems to want to protest bedtime every night. Hopefully that will end soon. Last night he fought bedtime for three hours before he finally went to sleep. He didn't really cry. He mainly played. Specifically, he was using his crib as a trampoline. All I heard was bouncy bouncy boom squeal.

I am almost positive I am not the only WAHM. How do you manage being mommy and working from home? How do you motivate yourself?


The Crypto-Capers Series said...

To push you through the day just think about who you are doing everything for. I am following you through the hop. Please return the follow at

Donna said...

I'm stopping by from Relax & Surf Sunday. I'm follow you via GFC and on twitter. I'd love for you to stop by Pot of Gold Giveaways and return the favor.


Kelly said...

Hello! I'm visiting from the Relax and Surf Sunday Blog Hop. My kids are all older, so I can't be of much help...sorry.

I'm now following via GFC. I've also added your button to My Button Collection page. Hope you'll stop by, look around and say "Hi".

Have a great Sunday,

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Pinching Abe said...

I'm here from Relax and Surf! I'm a new follower. Hope your Sunday's relaxing ;) Please come by to visit sometime soon.

All I can say is grab time to work when you can and learn to ignore the bouncy squeals (provided he's in a safe environment!)

Coupon Queen said...

Hi Nikki, I am stopping by and following on the hop. I am impressed that being young with 2 kids you can focus at all! I am in my late 40s with no kids and have a hard time of it, at the end of the day the one project I wanted to get done has turned into 6 that are not finished and there are 18 windows open on my computer to things that looked interesting for one reason or another. I hope bedtime gets easier with your little one! Have a great day. :)

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