Friday, May 6, 2011

Mediterranean Diet: Replacing Butter with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

So, I've begun my adventures with trying out the Mediterranean Diet. It's been alright so far. The food is good and it's easy enough to follow. However, extra virgin olive oil just can't replace butter entirely; at least not for me. I made a pasta dish tonight and the noodles were supposed to be "buttered" using extra virgin olive oil. You season the noodles using garlic and basil, and then you top the pasta with feta cheese. I believe this would have been amazing had I used butter. The first bite made me gag. All I could taste was the extra virgin olive oil. Being able to taste oil like that brought back my memories of castor oil when I was trying to induce labor with Sweet Pea. DISGUSTING! I can't stand the taste of any oil like that anymore. Cooking with olive oil is fine, but buttering noodles with olive oil; not so much. This is just my opinion and others may have a different opinion. All I can say is that when it comes to buttering noodles, I will use my butter thank you very much!

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-Nikki Layne