Thursday, May 19, 2011

Really Getting Serious About Saving

So, I have hopped on the frugal bandwagon! I have been couponing like crazy, watching Extreme Couponing religiously, and I joined a couponing forum. I am actually pretty psyched about my new way of life. Last night I used coupons for my first time! My price before coupons was $52.89 and after coupons my total was $38.55. I saved a total of $14.34. I know people save a lot more, but this was my first time. I will get there. I am really planning on buckling down. As I am familiarizing myself with this new lifestyle, expect some frugalista posts because I am new frugalista. Welcome me to the dark side my fellow frugalistas!

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-Nikki Layne