Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Look, New Stories

Woohoo! I just got my new look up, courtesy of Candy! I am in love with it. I know my blog went from being blah to being scrappy and now this. I think I'll stick with this for a while. I love all the bright colors. She did exactly what I asked her to do. I told her bright and colorful; she produced bright and colorful! She did an amazing job. I was so happy with how she did the navigation bar as a drop-down menu. I really like my blog now. It's so me, but also really organized. Thank you Candy!

I have also finally gotten back into my groove of writing. I have written two short stories over the past few days. I've started uploading my stuff to a website called Inkblot as well. I need to upload my older stuff there as well. I put some of my older stuff here. It's funny how your writing style changes slightly over time. Just a few months ago, I didn't know everything I know now and I'm sure in time, I will know even more. I learn things pertaining to writing all the time. I love to write and I have tons of ideas inside my head. I love being able to put them to good use. I just hope that one day I am good enough to get noticed and get published. For now, I'll just continue doing what I love; writing.

I'm beginning to toy with the idea of purchasing a .com. We'll see. I need more followers before I put out the $10 I think. I know it's just $10, but to me $10 is $10. If I'm not getting viewers and followers, I figure why bother wasting the money. So, we'll see where things go.

Well, I stayed up much later than I had expected. It is definitely past my bedtime. So, I am off to bed now. I am hoping for a better day tomorrow. I was kind of "off" today. Goodnight my friends.

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