Monday, May 16, 2011

Justice For The Innocent

Imagine this. You are an 18 year old disabled girl who was preyed upon by a 33 year old grown man. He makes you feel good and you enjoy yourself with him. You lose your virginity to him because you honestly believe he is your special someone who deserves that piece of you. He tells you he is sterile and can't make babies. So, you partake in unprotected sex without worrying since he's the only one you have ever been with. You end up pregnant and have no idea what to think. You know you aren't ready for a baby, so you consider adoption so the baby has a chance at a good life. You believe it is the right choice to make. You make it clear that you do not believe in abortion. Your boyfriend who claims to be understanding and loving goes off the deep end. He causes you an incredible amount of stress and does more harm than good. You miscarry, which is very common when you are put under an unmeasurable amount of stress. He goes psycho accusing you of an abortion. With his psychotic ways you are now seeing, you get smart and leave him. He makes every attempt he can to ruin your life from exploiting your entire relationship and sex life on a blog to having a billboard put up. This is the true life story of Nani L.

Nani was a good student, very involved in the theater. She was well liked and had a lot of friends. She didn't let her disability prevent her from living a normal life. Music and dancing were two hobbies of hers that she was extremely passionate about.

The man who tried to ruin her life after he assumed she got an abortion when in reality she miscarried is known as Greg Fultz. He had no qualms about posting every detail he could remember about their relationship and sexual encounters on his blog. It was public for the entire world to see. They had online intimate dates, which he took screenshots of and put up on his blog. This man poked fun at Nani saying her @$$ gave him a droopy face, lazy eye, and drool falling down on his shirt. He stated he regretted going out on the first date with her because she was embarrassing to be around in public. He flat out put their entire sex life on blast like it was no big deal. Once she miscarries he puts the blame of the entire pregnancy on her. He assumes she got an abortion and tells her the pregnancy was all on her for "spreading her legs" and "not insisting on a condom." Then he gets vindictive and puts up a billboard.

When you are in a relationship, and even after, as a grown adult you should be a better person than to exploit every last detail on your blog. If things didn't work out, let them go. It wasn't meant to be. Without any proof of wrongdoings, you need to carry on. Even if you do have proof, you should handle any issues you may have with the person you have the issues with instead of the entire world wide web. Posting a porn in written form on your blog is just completely uncalled for. I really don't understand why the screenshots existed to begin with. There was no need to post them anywhere, censored or not.

Poking fun at the disabled is never okay and this is something I feel very strongly about. I have an aunt who has cerebral palsy. She is mentally and physically challenged. Due to being raised by my grandparents in the same house as her, I have a place in my heart for the special needs. Making fun of them is not okay. People with special needs are more often than not the most kindhearted people you will ever meet. They long to be liked. In my eyes, there is no reason in the entire world that could ever make poking fun at a disabled person okay. They are human just like you and I, and deserve to be treated like people. They are not animals. Embarrassing to be out in public with? I just can't believe someone could say something like this. That's just wrong. I'll bet a million special needs people have far more class than someone who would say something like that. I know my aunt had manners and class. Never was I ever embarrassed to be out in public with her. I enjoyed spending time with her. Due to how kind-natured special needs people are, I considered myself lucky to know my aunt. I think those who know Nani should feel the same. I think an attack like this on someone with special needs is wrong on so many levels.

When Nani miscarried, she was upset. She shut down and did not want to talk. She certainly did not want to talk to someone like Greg who was texting all kings of obscenities to her. He could not understand this and went off the deep end. He starting creating all of these stories about how she "wished" the baby away, used a coat hanger, and got an abortion. None of which are true. She miscarried, which is a heart-wrenching experience for any woman to go through, never mind someone as young as Nani. I know what it's like to have a baby you will never hold. Granted Nani wanted to give him or her up for adoption, she did not what them to not have a chance at life. She wanted them to have a good life, which was why she was considering adoption. I commend her for realizing this. So many people try and fail and ultimately ruin their children's lives instead of doing what is right.

Greg took this to the extreme and had a billboard put up. He tried to have many different companies put up the billboard, but most refused. Only one agreed, but we don't know what company. All we do know is that the billboard was endorsed by the New Mexico Right to Life Association. I just wish this association knew it is all a hoax that Greg created inside his twisted head to get back at Nani. This is taking getting back at an ex-lover to the extreme. He created a fake organization using Nani's name and calling it the National Association of Needed Information. We don't know anything about this "organization." He refuses to answer questions about it. He won't state what constitutes as "needed information." Nor will he say who would access such information. NANI is nothing more than a stab to get back at her. He took his personal issues as public as possible. All this man is doing and has done is harass Nani. He is a disgusting individual if you ask me.

So, who am I and why do I care? I am an outsider. I do not even live in the state where this billboard went up. Heck, I have never even been there. I do not know Nani, nor do I know Greg. I feel strongly on this topic for many reasons. He preyed upon a young girl with a disability. That is my honest belief. It has been said that every single girl he has ever dated has had some form of a disability. That is a major red flag. He told her he was sterile, I think he lied. That is also wrong. So, is he a reproductive abuser? Is this not the first time he has tried this gimmick? I believe that people need to see that Greg is not all rainbows and sunshine. He threatens people at the drop of a hat when they do not agree with him. He does not believe anyone except himself is entitled to an opinion. He has destroyed the reputation of a young girl because of what he assumes, not what he knows. These are the types of people we have in our world. I don't like it. So, I wanted to be heard. I wanted to try and get justice for Nani. She deserves that much. What do you think about this? You can state your opinion on this poll, which was created by Greg.

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Cin said...

Nikki this is freaking AWESOME!!! Wonderful WONDERFUL writing skill!! We here in Alamogordo that have daughters are just a TAD bit irked, because DPS is not doing anything. Remember, this is a town where books were being burned not too long ago. Ironic, considering "Take Back the Night" was held here not too long ago. *smacks forehead* Reason #263 we enrolled my daughter in martial arts... losers like this!! Keep up the great writing!! :)

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