Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Crazy Weather

It seems like we get stretches of the same weather. It can't rain for a day, it has to rain for a week. I hate it. We were having some ridiculously hot, sunny days. The kids and I were miserable because of how hot it was. Well, now I miss it. It made me so cheery with the sun shining bright. Yeah, I was hot, but that's what shorts and tank tops are for. I pretty much kept the kids in diapers because I didn't want them to overheat. Sweet Pea was pretty happy about the weather because he got a popsicle to cool him down. He loves popsicles. I won't lie, I like them too. We sit down and eat them together. He makes a mess of his face and clothes every time. So, I've learned that at the very least he has to be shirtless when he eats them. Otherwise it is just a huge mess. What kind of treats do you give your kids on hot days?

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Anne - Mommy Has to Work said...

the wheather has been pretty nice here, but the hot summer days are coming!!

following back!

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