Monday, April 18, 2011

Mommies ♥ Always ♥ Write??

Am I really that self-centered to honestly believe that I, as the mommie, am always right? No. Do, I really have that much of a lack of education where I spell not one, but two words wrong in the title of my blog? No. So, why this title you may ask...

For one, Mommy's Always Write was taken as a blogger address and that's what I am starting this as. Once I get some readers I will migrate to a .com site. I want to gain some basis before I put forth the money to register a domain. I mean, if I go nowhere with this and I put out the $10 or whatever the price may be to register a domain then I am out $10 with no gain.

My reason for misuse of 'write' is simple. I am not just a mommie, but a writer as well. So, I wanted to be able to incorporate the two and have a little bit of fun with my title. I think that Mommies ♥ Always ♥ Write is a catchy title and I hope that anyone else who comes across my blog will agree.

So, that's my story on the title of my blog. I hope than people will come back frequently to read my posts. I love this technological era we are in. My grandmother in Connecticut can read my blog and so can my mother in Texas and my friends in New Mexico, Washington, and North Carolina. No matter where someone may be, they can keep up to date on my blog.

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