Wednesday, April 27, 2011

All Done...I think...

Well, tonight I spent many hours working on my blog from design to coding and adding all kinds of funky stuff. I think it's finally done. Of course I can't take credit for my background. That credit goes to Shabby Blogs. All of the other graphics I did make, but with the purchase of some cute vectors and alphabets from Lettering Delights. My signature I made using My Live Signature.

As far as coding help and other tips go, I truly can't thank Sneaky Momma enough! I found pretty much everything I could ever want to know how to do on her site. I also got some minor help from Digital Inspiration.

I am sure I'll add other random things here and there from time to time, but for now I believe my blog is done and ready to go live. I've been posting without a pretty look to it, but now that it looks pretty I can really step it up.

And now it's Zzz...

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