Friday, January 28, 2011

Poetry: Questions for the Wicked

Questions for the Wicked
by Nikki Layne

Would you be proud,
If you knew you were the beginning of the end?
Would it be easy for you,
To start the downward spiral of a trend?

Do you have a heart,
Or just a solid block of ice?
Are you always cold,
Or do you know how to make nice?

Do you know there’s a price to pay,
In the land of misdeeds?
Is it everyone’s misery,
Of which you like to feed?

Do you realize how fake you really are,
Or are you oblivious to it all?
Is this what you enjoy,
Making others fall?

Do you know you’re heartless,
Or do you even care?
Do you know that before you,
We were the perfect pair?

Are you happy with yourself,
Knowing what you’ve done?
Do you feel bad at all,
Or is this your idea of fun?

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-Nikki Layne