Thursday, June 2, 2011

Losing Weight, Losing Stretch Marks

So, I have been on my diet for a little over three weeks now. Right before I had Lil Bean, I was 144lbs. I am now 113lbs! He's only 2 weeks old. I am really excited that I lost all of my baby weight so quickly. I was 109lbs before I conceived Lil Bean. My weight is almost perfect. I'd just prefer it to be an even number. So, if I can lose just 3lbs to be 110lbs, I'll be very happy. I am confident I can lose those 3lbs no problem. It didn't take much for my to lose all that I have already. This diet truly worked wonders for me. I will maintain a healthy diet in order to maintain my weight.

Since I have had two babies in such a short time, I obviously have stretch marks. I hate them! Everyone says they're proof I'm a mom. Well, I have two kiddos that prove that. So, I'd like to lose the stretch marks if I can. There have been all these ads on TV for Mederma. $40 later, I am now the proud owner of a bottle of Mederma. I took one picture of some stretch marks on my thigh. I'm not brave enough to just post that picture, though. So, I will take a picture each week to show changes. At the end of it all, I may post pictures that show my progress from each week. It says I should begin to see results after four weeks, but optimal results at twelve weeks. So, here's to hopefully losing my stretch marks!

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