Friday, January 28, 2011

Poetry: Her Reality

Her Reality
by Nikki Layne

She was always the one to blame,
It could never be anyone else.
It didn’t matter where the proof was aimed,
It was always her.

In a world filled with pain,
She never felt good enough.
Worthless, emotionally drained;
That was all she felt.

Nobody seemed to understand,
She was always the enemy.
Everybody listened to second-hand,
Instead of finally seeing reality.

She very rarely felt loved,
Even when told she was.
She wished to be with the angels up above,
Instead of feeling how she felt.

He could never see how he treated her,
He destroyed her emotionally.
He could never see what the effects were,
Of his words and actions.

Whether or not he cared,
That was still in question.
To ask she rarely dared,
Out of fear of his reaction.

She loved him,
That much was clear.
The reality was dim,
On how he felt about her.

She knew it wasn’t fair,
How she was made to feel.
He was unaware,
Of the unconditional love.

Nothing was the same,
As it once was.
She didn’t know who was to blame,
But she still stayed.

She prayed for change,
In hopes things would get better.
She knew it was strange,
To stay as she did.

She held onto hope,
As well as her dreams.
She tried to cope,
With her reality.

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-Nikki Layne